Starship Generator

Gavin decides to create a new starship design. He's looking to create some sort of escort type ship. He wants it to be just over 100 m long, so it looks like it will be a 110 m long Light Frigate.

Step 1: Ship Size

The first thing that must be determined when designing a starhip is its size. The table below shows the standard sizes for starships based on their length. "Length" refers to a starship's longest dimension, which could actually be its height or width. Note that larger ships take considerably more resources to construct and this will be reflected in the final cost.

The examples shown below can be used as a guideline, but ultimately, the size will depend on the length of the ship. You are restricted to ships up to 2500 meters long.

Length (m) Class Examples
5 or less Starfighter Light Freighter, Shuttle
5.1 - 10 Starfighter Medium Freighter, Starfighter
10.1 - 20 Starfighter Heavy Freighter, Starfighter, System Patrol Craft
20.1 - 50 Starfighter Gunship, Starliner
50.1 - 100 Capital Corvette, Escort Vessel
100.1 - 250 Capital Light Frigate, Frigate, Destroyer
250.1 - 500 Capital Light Cruiser, Cruiser, Battle Cruiser
500.1 - 1000 Battleship Heavy Battle Cruiser, Pocket Battleship, Battleship
1000.1 - 2500 Battleship Dreadnaught
Input Ship Length:
Steps Completed